Marcy Pro

E-commerce Website with the ability to submit orders, aid customer service and promote campaigns. www.marcypro.com


Company promotional website. Main objective was to inform the end user of of the products and aid with customer service. www.aeeusa.com

Yellow Box Shoes

E-commerce website capable of submitting orders, promote campaigns, absorb customer data and email. Designed with a customer service heavy interface and easy navigation. Managed over 700 skus. www.yellowboxshoes.com

AEE Product Page

Product page for AP-11 Drone. User is able to navigate through product features, specs and FAQ's and learn more about the AP-11 Drone. You are also able to add to cart and make purchase.  


Drone and Action Camera interactive App. Designed to assist with drone and action camera operation. User has ability to scroll between products they purchase and function features within that AEE product. You are able to view camera view on your smart devices. User has ability to change product options on app, view product information, view website, interact with other users and make purchases. 

ScoreBig (Scoresmile)

Social addition to the product page. Including this feature would create a communal opportunity for fans to communicate and discuss their experience with the event and ScoreBig. Easy navigation and submitting of content through social channels.